Death of The Generalists and Growth of The Specialists

One of the most costly mistakes made by 97% of business owners is to think that by being a generalist (someone that does everything) you have an advantage in the market and more opportunities to make money and grow…

This way of thinking is very common and it’s the #1 reason why most business owners can’t grow.

If you are a generalist then people won’t remember you. (Think about the businesses you know and work with… You don’t remember them for the general thing they do… You remember and work with them because they do something specific really well. Ex: your favourite restaurant)

Yet, a lot of business owners try to be everything to everyone and because of this, they are no one to anyone.

People want to work with the best.

If you have a wedding coming up the chances are that you want to hire the best wedding photographer, not someone who does wedding among 10 other things.

This not only costs a lot as people just don’t want to work with generalists anymore. (Since they can find the specialists so easily)

But it also results in a business that is not systemised. (You constantly need to switch between different type of jobs and it makes it is very difficult to get clients constantly and reliably)

On the other side specialists in all markets are experiencing massive and fast growth.

While most of the market is stuck serving everything to everyone, specialists are charging higher prices and have clients begging to work with them. (They aren’t many specialists and since the supply is way less than the demand then they command the market.)

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